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Bank+Client Remote Banking System

Experience — 14 versions of the system released since 1992 | more»

Clients — 20 banks and around 3000 companies using the system for remote banking | more»

Basic Functions — Financial Documents Management, Remote Account Management | more»

Extra Functions — Bank Transfers, Audit, Card Accounts Management | more»

Supported Communication Protocols — TCP/IP, 25, SMTP

Software Platform — Delphi, ++, Paradox, QNX...

Components — Bank Workstation, Client Workstation, Document Interchange Server

Security — Gateway to Lancrypto, SignalCom and other cryptosystems

Cost — Minimum configuration starting from $200, stand-alone configuration up from $3,000 | details»

Competitive Advantage — Ability to work via the SFT Processing Center.

Advantage for Bank — Attracting clients from geographically distant areas, decreasing cost value of client servicing.

Advantage for Client — Ability to manage finances in real-time mode from anywhere in the world.

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