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Bank+Client Remote Banking System || Basic Functions

The primary destination of the Bank+Client system is providing all kinds of account management services to remote clients.

As a matter of fact, all the primary banking operations, such as document generation and transfer, verification, checking the status of transferred documents and receiving account reports are performed by a client electronically. All the processes and documents are secured against external intrusions and possible user errors.

With all that, such interaction between a client and the bank may be either moved to the Internet entirely (Bank+Client Internet version, requiring no custom software to be installed on the client computer), utilize the Internet as a carrier only, or be based on the use of other networks.

The software module installed on the side of the bank (the Bank Workstation subsystem) is responsible for reception and processing of documents, as well as providing communication with the bank's own back-office systems.

At every stage of a documentary transaction its integrity is checked by another component of the Bank+Client system – the Document Processing Server, which also acts as a dispatcher and transport module
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