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Bank+Client Remote Banking System || Hall of Fame

The modern look of the SFT Bank+Client system was to a large extent formed by the banks that once became our clients. In a sense, the modern Bank+Client is a product of a 10 years' dialogue with our old and new clients. Thanks a lot to all of them!

Here is our Hall of Fame. Each of the clients listed here made an outstanding contribution to the development of the Bank+Client system:

Client #1

In the far north of Russia, in the Tyumen region, there is a small oilmen's town called Langepas. The Langepas Bank became the first purchaser of our system. We appreciate the trust you put in us and hope we never failed it!

Most Faraway Client

Another great bank that took interest in our system is located in the city of Nakhodka and bears the same name. We shall never forget the chance you gave us to install and integrate Client+Bank with your banking system and enjoy the wonderful nature of the Far East and the Pacific Ocean at the same time! Thank you, NakhodkaBank!

Meeting the Mainframes

When SBS AGRO purchased our system in 1993, which seems so long ago from now, then for the first time in our lives we faced the necessity of connecting our Bank+Client to the back-office banking system installed on an IBM AS400 mainframe. We responded to this serious challenge, and our program worked successfully in the SBS AGRO bank until the infamous year 1998.

Most Vigorous Bank

The TverUniversalBank, which resounded through all the countries of the former USSR, the creator of a payment system that rivaled in scope with the RKC system (with over 1,000 correspondent banks) – this major bank became our client in 1993. At that moment the bank had its own Automation Department, employing 150 first-rate specialists, but still our system, designed by the leading Russian experts in telecommunications, was estimated at its true worth. Thus we acquired a very exacting and vigorous partner, and we are very grateful to the TverUniverslaBank employees for all those helpful notes and requirements to our system. The history of use of our system at TverUnversalBank counts more than 1,000 client installations!

Serving Corporate Clients

When we started working with the GasPromBank in 1997, its specialists required that the system be extended with card processing modules. Besides that, the specific character of the bank's client base lead to the creation of Bank+Client client workstations that supported documentary communication with several banks at a time.

First Foreign Bank

In the year 1998 the list of our clients was adorned with the name of Raiffeisenbank Austria is a 100% subsidiary of the Austrian Raiffeisen banking group. The system was translated into English and supplemented with new documents (concerning currency transactions mostly), as well as remote workstation configuration and upgrade module.
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