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Bank+Client Remote Banking System || Cost

The Bank+Client can be delivered in either one of the two variants of installation — Stand-Alone or Processing.

Stand-Alone delivery includes all the modules required for the organization of a fully independent Bank+Client service at a particular bank.

The difference of the Processing delivery option is that the Bank-Client system in this case will use the services of the SFT Telecom Center, including the Document Interchange System hosted by this center.

Choosing the Processing delivery option may considerably reduce the time required for putting the Bank+Client system into operation, as well as lower the expenses related to the creation of the bank's own telecommunications infrastructure.

To a first approximation the cost of a Stand-Alone system (+ 10 client workstations) amounts to a $6,000–7,000 one-time fee and $160–200 monthly payments. In case of purchase of the Processing version these sums equal $3,000–3,500 and $500 respectively.

It must be noted, however, that the total amount of the bank's monthly expenses on maintaining a Stand-Alone system may in some cases even exceed that of a system in Processing mode, due to payments for services rendered by third parties (such as telecommunications, purchase and maintenance of servers, etc.).
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