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Bank+Client Remote Banking System || Versions History

The first version of the Bank+Client remote banking system was developed in 1991 by a united group of specialists from the Electronic Computer Technology Center Research Institute and the Institute of Management of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The system proved to be so well designed that despite the absence of banking automation standards it was soon deployed without any revisions or adaptations (!) in 5 different banks.

Its extensive functionality and ease of use was appreciated by most banking specialists.

The next version (released in 1992) owes its appearance to the SBS AGRO bank, which was the unquestionable leader of the banking industry at the time and thus made very serious demands of the system. The communication components of the system were redesigned completely, and the functionality was extended with on-line processing of financial documents.

The version released in 1993 featured a much larger list of supported financial documents and was supplemented with modules for inter-subsidiary documents circulation. It is true to say that the year 1993 version reflected the current situation of the banking market — active extension of the set of available services and the creation of branch networks.

A year later the system gained a new cryptographic module based on the 1994 Asymmetric Keys standard. Before that all the encryption was done with the use of the well-known PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) technology.

The year 1995 was marked by the appearance of the very first 32-bit version of the system. A delay in its appearance was merely due to the fact that the banks themselves were very cautious in migrating their own systems to Windows.

The next version that was released later that year could work with practically any SQL-compliant data warehouse, whereas previous versions used Paradox only. At the turn of the year the SFT Communication Center came around, assuming the processing functions of the Bank+Client system for the banks that chose not to create their own telecommunications centers.

The 1996 version, apart from numerous minor improvements, was featured with a universal mail interface, capable of working with any types of mail services (the earlier versions were only compatible with X.400 standard). Now it became possible to transfer electronic documents via the Internet.

Quite naturally, the use of public networks brought about the necessity of using commercial security products, so in the year 1997 we began delivering the Bank+Client system equipped with the ANCAD encryption system. In the second half of the same year a full system installation package was released on an auto-installation CDROM. From that moment not only a support specialist but practically any PC-user could use that disc to install the system. The new version contained extended features of integrating client workstations with accounting programs and procedures of remote client configuration on the side of the bank.

At the same time the English version of the system was also created.

The year 1998 saw a fundamental redesign of the system interfaces — now Bank+Client became a full-fledged Windows application, bearing some functional resemblance to Microsoft Outlook (with folders and customizable views). Besides that, the security module finally became a completely independent part of the system, which made it possible to use whatever security system preferred by the client. The later version (released sometime between 1998 and 1999) also included a card-processing module.

In 2000 the Bank+Client family accepted two new members: the Internet-only version and a CD version that does not require installation of any files on the client computer (with all the documents stored and processed on the bank server only).
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