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Here are the descriptions of some network projects completed by our specialists:

Fiber-Optic System

The realization of this project included the deployment of fiber-optic channels that linked our offices in Moscow and Tver, providing reliable high-quality connections to voice and data networks at M9.

Integrated Automation Project for the Moscow Office of RABOBANK (Holland)

The completion of this automation project began with the installation of the Lucent Technologies SYSTIMAX structured cable system with 400 ports used by voice and data networks. It was followed by the installation of computer equipment (Compaq), active network equipment (CISCO), office equipment and a DECT-standard PBX. At present this LAN links around 100 users and contains 5 servers of different purpose. The network is linked up to global networks and hosts a set of informational and financial applications, some of which are of in-house design. Continuous system maintenance guarantees its recovery within 4 hours after any crash.

Local Area Network in a Large Office Center

The task of this project consisted in the construction of a LAN in a 9-storeyed building with 15,000 m2 of floor space, with 2,000 points of connection and a gateway to the global networks.

The LAN was designed and constructed by our specialists in full accordance with the modern international requirements. The cable system was realized as a structured SYSTIMAX system.

All the servers and active network equipment used for the completion of this project were produced by either of the following brands: Compaq, Sun Microsystems, Bay Networks, Cabletron Systems, Cisco.

Automation Project for RosKhlebProduct

The enterprise automation project realized for the RosKhlebProduct company included installation of a LAN with 4 servers and 150 users. The cable system was implemented as a structured system built on CAT5 UTP wires. Our specialists also connected the LAN to the global networks and installed a set of informational and financial applications.

Private Data Network

The primary goal of this project was the creation of a high-performance data network for serving the needs of our clients. This network ensures the operational capabilities of a whole lot of our clients' applications, distributed between remote offices, and is also used for providing remote access to the services of the Bank+Client system. Gateways to some public networks, such as Sprint or Infotel are also available.

IP Network

The TCP/IP-based network was created for enabling information interchange between the application systems used by our subdivisions and for providing Internet services. At present it embraces our offices in Moscow and Tver, as well 500 of our clients connected to the Internet.

The network was built on Cisco routers operating over our own and several leased high-speed channels. The direct connection between the IP network and the Internet meets all the modern requirements regarding quality of service and security.

Local Area Networks

All in all our integration activity in the Moscow region consists in the completion of 40 projects for building LANs and combining these networks into public networks on the enterprise scale. Altogether these networks contain over 70 servers and around 2,000 workstations.
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