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Installing cable systems for any type of networks, we also supply and configure brand name active equipment that supports various network technologies: Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, ATM, FDDI.

To determine the cost of a cable system, we need the following information:

    1. The required number of LAN ports.

    2. A plan of the premises where the network is to be installed. If the network is to span several stories then we shall need the plan of each story.

    3. Whether there are wire channels installed in all the rooms. If not, whether such channels should be installed.

To help you adequately estimate your expenses on the construction of a cable system, we shall give a few examples:

    1. 10–20 ports in 1–4 adjoint rooms.

    The client agrees that the wires should run open along the walls behind the desks, thus no wire channels need to be installed. The cost of such a network is $40–45 per port, including all the materials and construction work.

    2. 20–50 ports in 4–10 rooms located close to one another on one story.

    All the rooms are already equipped with wire channels. However, the quantity of ports requires installation of crossing equipment — a small wall-mounted cross or several patch panels in a wall-mounted closet, which is the termination point for all the wires that come from the wall outlets installed in the rooms. The cost of such a cable system is $50–70 per port, including all the materials (cable, wall outlets, patch panels or a wall-mountable cross, a wall-mountable closet) and construction work.

    3. 50–250 ports in 10–50 rooms located on several stories.

    There are no wire channels in the rooms and the client requires that they must be installed. It is quite possible that the client will demand the installation of a structured cable system (SCS), i.e. a system in which a single pool of ports is used for connecting computers and telephones, which are further separated due to the switching capacity of the cross. In this case the number of ports will at least double, which brings about the necessity of use of a large wall-mountable cross. The cost of such a cable system amounts to $80–100 per port, not including the cost of wire channels installation.

The choice of wire channels is coordinated with the client in accordance with his requirements and abilities. The cost of installation varies from $3 to $9 per meter, depending on the size of wire channel and the material of walls.

As regards the choice of active network equipment, it is usually made as the result of inquiring the client about the nature and essence of work done at the office, requirements to the network capacity, prospects of company development, etc. The consequent analysis of this information makes it possible to develop cost-optimized variants of realization. The more complicated a network is and the more ports it has, the more thorough should be the elaboration of this issue.
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