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We are always glad to discuss the issues of voice communications with our clients, but to make such a discussion not only pleasant but constructive as well, we need to obtain the following information about the existing telecommunications structure of your organization:

    1. quantity and type of existing link-ups and cable channels;

    2. presence and type of the currently used switching, crossing and subscriber equipment system of its maintenance (presence and qualification of support personnel);

    3. the total number of subscribers (users) of the local voice network, the quantity of public network numbers, prospects of development for the nearest 3-5 years, if possible;

    4. need for extra incoming telephone lines (numbers);

    5. static tendencies of the external local, long-distance and international voice traffic;

    6. need for other telecommunication services, i.e. the organization of local-area networks, external data networks, telematic and information services, etc.

Nevertheless, if you find difficulty in answering these questions, don't worry - just get in touch with us and we shall work on this together.

Here is a an approximate list of operations that we perform within the bounds of a telecommunication project:

    1. designing of the telecommunications infrastructure of the client's office(s);

    2. on-site installation of a digital PBX, meeting the most sophisticated modern requirements;

    3. modernization of the local cable network, including the delivery and configuration of modern switching, crossing and subscriber equipment;

    4. choice of service providers based on the evaluation of the quality of service/price ratio and our own experience of working with them;

    5. establishment of connection to external networks via the existing and the newly organized wire and optic-fiber channels;

    6. subsequent integrated maintenance of the installed equipment, including its billing, collection and control over the processing of subscriber and tariff payments for the services rendered.

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