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As yet, no one has come up with a reasonable method of assessing the cost of creative labor -other than leading Web-designers perhaps, who is gonna cost you $5,000 per hour :))
Still, just for fun (and partly in earnest) we dare you to try out our Web Design Cost Calculator...

Your company advertising budget :
Less than $1000 per month
Between $1000 and $2000
Between $2000 and $5000
Between $5000 and $10000
More than $10000
What is this ?
We want internet site for the aim of:
To improve and accelerate business procedures
To expand our business auditorium
Only for tick off :)
We have corporate image-style
Our designer already done some drafts
We fully rely on you
What will inside ?
Let's communicate and then your write your suggestions
We have site structure documentations
We will delegate our representative at the structure planning stage
No ideas...mmm, as you wish
Textual and Image content :
All requested information will be delivered to ASAP
We have all content already
No ideas take copywriters and do all work by yourself
Information updating :
We suppose that site will be often updated, a lot of news and hot information need to be published
At most static site, with once per month at least per week updating
Additional functionality:
Simply a bunch of cool pages
Standard modern site: news blocks, bulletin board, product catalog, site search
We suppose to support huge and complicated product catalog and e-showcase
We want to support ordering and payment system on site

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