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Each day more and more Web servers grow (or at least pretend to grow) from what looks more like fancy billboards or business cards into full-functional representative offices of respective businesses in the Internet.

Just as with any other business, the success of an Internet-based business depends on how well informed its clients are, and whether the business can always "be in the right time in the right place".

Thus, the key factors of success of a business site in the Internet are relatively simple:

    1. Search engines, which are often referred to as "Internet Highways" must never fail to direct more visitors to your site.

    2. Usability is the key - information and navigation topology cannot be "too convenient".

    3. The more detail you put in the description of your goods and services, the better.

    4. Go every extra inch to keep a visitor on your site: additional services and all kinds of rewards (such as contests, quizzes or lotteries) are especially good at this.

Behind the outward simplicity of these principles lies profound ideology and serious technology, backed up by hard and steady work.

In fact, most of the trouble usually begins right after a site goes live - just like a newborn, a Web site needs constant care and attention not to become part of the huge grim army of abortive Web-projects, still abounding in the Internet.

We fully realize that most of the work for adaptation of a site to the existing marketing realty must be done by people who are directly engaged in the business, knowing its every nuance. That is why our development efforts are concentrated, as a rule, not on the site itself, but rather on the site management system, which allows our client's employees to manage the structure and content of the site without requiring any advanced computer skills.

But of course, such important aspects as navigation intelligibility, search transparency (attraction of traffic from search engines) and the overall usability of a site - be it an e-shop or an online tour agency - are initially designed by our specialists, based on their professionalism and wide experience.
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